Introducing the Garbage Guzzler

The Garbage Guzzler is an aerobic food waste digester which is capable of digesting up to 2,000 litres of food waste a week, reducing it in volume by up to 70% in 24 hours, and leaving an output that can be used as soil improver or biomass fuel.

What goes in?

The Garbage Guzzler is food waste digester, and requires a daily input of food waste in order to work effectively. Typically, if it can go into a food waste bin, it can go into a Garbage Guzzler.

If you are not already, you will need to separate your food waste to ensure that you are not contaminating the material going into the Garbage Guzzler.

What comes out?

The Garbage Guzzler reduces food waste by up to 70% in a 24 hour period and leaves an output with value that can be used as a soil improver, biomass fuel, or can even be used as a feedstock for the anaerobic digestion process. During the digestion process, the waste inside the machine is typically kept at a temperature above 70 degrees for a 12-hour period.


The digestate output from the Garbage Guzzler can be used as a soil improver. This can be mixed with soil/compost and then used in flowerbeds or mixed into the ground. The digestate output from the Garbage Guzzler will typically be processed for 12 hours continuously at above 70 degrees.

The output is rich in nutrients, which is why it needs to be mixed with compost before it is put into the ground, and will also need to be left for a few days before it is used.


The digestate from the Garbage Guzzler can be used as biomass fuel, to feed directly into a biomass boiler. The digestate created from a GG1000 or GG2000 machine will supplement rather than replace biomass fuel, but it is still usable for this means. If this is something that you are considering, please contact us to discuss further.


The digestate can be used as feed stock for Anaerobic digestion plants. Not only should the digestate be clean and contaminant free once it has gone through the digestion process, but is can also hold up to 4x the biogas that a normal feedstock would hold.

How does it work?

Garbage Guzzlers use aerobic digestion to reduce food waste by up to 70%!


Enzymes inside the machine are heated until they become active and start to digest the waste inside the unit. The enzymes produce their own heat as part of the digestion process, although are helped by heaters inside the Garbage Guzzler.


The enzymes are helped by heaters inside the Garbage Guzzler which heat the waste material to 72 degrees. Although this temperature will fluctuate as new waste is added, the machine will operate at this temperature for a sustained period of time. This is usually overnight, between the last input of food during the evening and the first input in the morning.


Ideally a Garbage Guzzler should be fed with food waste three to four times a day and requires a 12-hour uninterrupted period per 24-hours, to fully digest the waste inside.


The enzymes are self-replicating. In most cases as long as a regular source of food waste is being supplied to the machine there is no need to replace them or top them up.

Water Vapour

Water vapour that is already contained in the food is released as part of the digestion process. This is released  from the machine through an exhaust vent and waste water outlet.


The Garbage Guzzler automatically outputs small amounts of digestate throughout the day via an output auger. This is collected in a container underneath the auger.

Environmental Benefits

The Garbage Guzzler can help you to significantly reduce your food waste, and leaves you with a material that can be used at the end. This means you can greatly reduce the amount of waste that you are sending to landfill.

As a minimum, this can help to reduce vehicle movements associated with transporting food waste, via collections from your site to a processing centre.

Waste Reduction

The reduction in waste from the Garbage Guzzler also has wider reaching effects. As the machine is located at your site, waste can be recycled almost immediately. This reduction in waste going into general or other recycling bins means that you are helping towards a reduction in vehicle movements associated with waste collections.


There are benefits around the reduction in the storage of food waste. As food waste can be put through the machine on a daily basis, it helps to reduce the amount of waste being stored for longer periods at your premises. This offers a more hygienic solution and can help reduce the risk of vermin around waste areas.

Clean Emissions

The output from the Garbage Guzzler is a clean and sterile material. It does not release carbon back into the atmosphere and no methane is produced during the digestion process. Carbon is stored in the digesate, which is then returned to the ground when used as a soil improver.


The Garbage Guzzler does not use added water to digest food waste. Water vapour released as part of the digestion process is safe to dispose of via mains drains. Only a small amount of water is released (as vapour), during the digestion process, meaning there is no risk of blocking drains.

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